Following are major role of the Water Management Training Institute:

  • Formulate and conduct comprehensive prioritized training plans for all stakeholders involved in water management activities
  • Develop updated training modules for conducting training plans
  • Prepare applied water management research recommendations to address technological issues in the Punjab
  • Support and implement training components of various OFWM Projects in the Province
  • Develop human resources for enhancing water productivity i.e. more crop per drop
  • Train personnel of OFWM and other organizations in project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation in the field of land and water management
  • Farmers’ training to professionally organize and run viable and sustainable  cooperative  institutions and manage irrigation water.
  • Conduct field research in water management technology for practical use at farm level
  • Employment generation in water management related disciplines for farmers and technicians
  • Enhance capacity of private sector to undertake water management enterprises
  • Support services in testing in quality control for latest OFWM interventions such as high efficiency irrigation systems
  • Develop and maintain spatial database using GIS based integrated systems and mapping
  • Setup and operate OFWM web based services
  • Maintain linkages, collaboration and joint ventures with international and national training and research institutions