Functions and Objectives

The Water Management Wing of Agriculture Department has the following main functions and objectives


  • Organization and registration of water users associations (WUAs)
  • Renovation, rehabilitation, and improvement of watercourses
  • Strengthening of precision land leveling services in the private sector
  • Promotion of high efficiency pressurized (drip and sprinkler) irrigation systems
  • Provision of solar sytem with High Efficiency Irrigation Systems
  • Provision of subsidy on installation of Tunnes with High Efficiency Irrigation Systems
  • Development of small scale irrigation schemes in non-canal commanded areas
  • Construction of water storage ponds / tanks
  • Provision of on-farm surface drainage facilities
  • Identification, acquisition, pilot testing/ evaluation, indigenization, and promotion/up-scaling of the latest irrigation water management interventions/ technologies through adaptive research
  • Capacity building of stakeholders (technical staff, trainers / extension workers and farmers) in improved water management interventions
  • Coordination with international, regional, national and provincial organizations as well as Research, Extension and Field wings of Punjab Agriculture Department for irrigation water management technology transfer


  • Irrigation Efficiency

Increase efficiency of tertiary (community watercourses) and quaternary (farm channels) level irrigation conveyance network

  • Water Productivity

Enhance water productivity by producing more crop per drop

  • OFWM Service Delivery

Create sustainable mechanisms for irrigation service delivery in the private sector

  • Farmers/   Community Mobilization

Mobilize farmers and farming communities to share investment costs for development, improvement, and management of farm level irrigation infrastructure