Capacity building of all stakeholders involved in the On Farm Water Management activities is the crux of the Water Management Training Institute activities. The training activities of the Institute are generally sub-divided in three categories i.e., Professional Courses, Technical Courses, and Refresher Courses. Apart from the training programs for staff and farmers, the project also intends to provide exposure to people from various walks of society to learn and observe HEIS technologies and practices under developing skill knowledge. Besides all these trainings WMTI has been entrusted to conduct the mandatory trainings prescribed in the service Rules. List of such training courses is as under:

Training of Trainers

  • Training of Faculty (one week)

Professional Courses

  • Drip / Sprinkler Design (three weeks)

  • Farm Planning & Design (two weeks)

  • Irrigation Scheduling (two weeks)

  • Administrative Procedures (three days)

  • Accounts & Finance (three days)

  • Basic Computer Operation (two weeks)

Technical Courses

  • Lift Irrigation System Design (three days)

  • LASER Tractor Operation (one week)

  • LASER Equipment Maintenance (one week)

  • Resource Conservation Technologies (one week)

Refresher Courses

  • Watercourse Designing (three days)

  • Watercourse Construction (three days)

  • Surveying and Leveling (three days)

  • Flow Measurement (three days)

  • Social Mobilization (three days)

Mandatory Training Courrses

  • Six weeks training of officers for promotion from
    • BS-18+SP to BS-19
    • BS18 to BS-18+SP
    • BS-17 to BS-18
  • Four weeks training of officers/officials for promotion from
    • BS-15 to BS-17
  • Two weeks training of officials for promotion from
    • BS-11 to BS-14