Future Plans

On Farm Water Management, Punjab Development Program for the Financial Year 2021-22

Development programs for the financial year 2021-22 under Water Management wing of Agriculture Department includes the following:


Sr. No. Interventions Unit  PC-I Scope 
1 Improvement of Unimproved Watercourses No.                  750
2 Improvement of Partially Improved Watercourses No.               2,550
3 Development of Irrigation Schemes outside canal commands No.                  300
4 Installation of High Efficiency Irrigation Systems  Acres               8,000
5 Installation of solar systems for operating HEIS Acres               4,000
6 Provision of LASER Land Leveling Units No.               2,300
7 Construction of Water storage ponds/ rainwater harvesting ponds No.                  915
8 Development of dugwells No.                  125
9 Installation of solar systems on ponds and dugwells No.                  165
10 Establishment of Technology Transfer Centers No.                     9
11 provision of soil testing kits No.                     9
12 Provision of Soil moisture meters No.                   27
13 Provision of Digital Flow Meters No.                   45

Procurement Plan for Financial Year 2021-22