Completed Projects

The first "On Farm Water Management Project" was launched during October 1976 as a five year pilot program with assistance of United States Assistance for International Development (USAID). On Farm Water Management has completed 55 projects. Major objectives of these projects were to increase overall irrigation efficiency through increasing delivery efficiency, adopting improved irrigation practices, promoting crop diversification, effective application of non-water inputs, improvement of community watercourses, precision land leveling of farmers’ fields, and adoption of advanced irrigation agronomic techniques. The detail of these projects is described below: 

  1. Punjab Irrigated-Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project (PIPIP) (Revised)

  2. Punjab Irrigated-Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project (PIPIP) (Original)

  3. Rainwater Management in Cotton Fields to Minimize Impacts of Climate Change (Pilot Project)

  4. Promotion of High Value Agriculture through Provision of Climate Smart Technology Package

  5. Optimizing Watercourse Conveyance Efficiency Through Enhancing Lining Length

  6. Provision of LASER Land Levelers to Farmers/Service Providers on Subsidized Cost

  7. Construction of Watercourses and Laser Leveling Equipment at Chak No.105/ML, District Layyah

  8. Promotion of Gram Cultivation through Life Saving Irrigation with Sprinkler System under Changing Climate

  9. Provision of LASER Land Levelers to Farmers/Service Providers on Subsidized Cost (2015-16 to 2017-18
  10. Up-Gradation of Water Management Training Institute
  11. Water Management Spatial Database System
  12. Greater Thal Canal Command Area Development Project Phase-I
  13. Punjab Irrigated-Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project (PIPIP) (Pilot Phase)
  14. Pilot Testing of Solar Water Pumps
  15. Pilot Project for Promotion of Cotton Cultivation in Thal Region with Drip Irrigation
  16. Water Conservation and Productivity Enhancement through High Efficiency (Pressurized) Irrigation Systems (The Punjab Component)
  17. National Project to Stimulate the Adaptation of Permanent Raised Bed for Maize, Wheat & Cotton Wheat Farming System in Pakistan. (Punjab Component)
  18. National Program for Improvement of Watercourses in Pakistan (The Punjab Component)
  19. Strengthening of LASER Land Leveling Services in Punjab
  20. Watercourse Improvement (District Government)
  21. Accelerated Improvement of Watercourses
  22. OFWM Component of Crop Maximization Program
  23. Barani Village Development Program Rawalpindi Division (BVDP)
  24. Improvement of Turbine Tube well and Kaha Sultan Watercourses in Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur Districts
  25. D.G. Khan Rural Development Program (DGKRDP)
  26. Drought Emergency Recovery Program (DERA)
  27. Khushal Pakistan Program (KPP)
  28. OFWM Component of Chashma Right Canal Bank Irrigation Project (CRBCIP) (ADB Assisted)
  29. OFWM Component of Bahawalpur Rural Development Project (BRDP) (ADB Assisted)
  30. OFWM Component of National Drainage Program (NDP) (IDA/OECF/ADB Assisted)
  31. OFWM Component of Punjab Private Sector Groundwater Development Project (IDA/ World Bank Assisted)
  32. Third Punjab OFWM Project D.G. Khan & Bahawalpur (ADB Assisted)
  33. Fordwah Eastern Sadiqia South Drainage Project
  34. OFWM-III (Japan Assisted)
  35. OFWM Second SCARP Transition Project Sheikupura (World Bank Assisted)
  36. Second Barani Area Development Project Rawalpindi (ADB Assisted)
  37. Strengthening of Training Program under OFWM Project (World Bank Assisted)
  38. OFWM-III Project (World Bank Assisted)
  39. OFWM Private Tube well Development Project D.G. Khan (World Bank Assisted)
  40. Second OFWM Project DG Khan (ADB Assisted)
  41. Command Area Development, Fateh Pur Lift Irrigation Scheme, District Khushab
  42. OFWM SCARP Khushab Project(ADB Assisted)
  43. Construction of Watercourses in Pirowali Nankana Sahib, District Sheikhupura
  44. Provision of Laser Land Leveling Equipment Entire Punjab
  45. OFWM Gujranwala Project (ADB Assisted)
  46. Command Water Management Project (OFWM Component U.S. AID/ IDA Assisted)
  47. Demonstration and Training in Water Lifting Devices
  48. SCARP Transition Pilot Project, Khan Ka Dogran (IDA Assisted)
  49. OFWM-IV Drainage Project (World Bank Assisted)
  50. Thal OFWM Project (ADB Assisted)
  51. OFWM-II (World Bank Assisted)
  52. OFWM-I (World Bank Assisted)
  53. Watercourse Improvement in Sheikhupura (U.K.Grant )
  54. OFWM, Bahawalpur & R.Y.Khan (Local Funded)
  55. OFWM Scrap-VI Project R.Y. Khan (IDA Assisted)
  56. Pilot OFWM (USAID Assisted)