Training and Capacity Building

Human resource development is an integral part of OFWM since 1981. Water Management Training Institute (WMTI) has mainly been catering trainings and capacity building needs of OFWM stakeholders in various disciplines of the program. Various training courses being offered includes, interalia, the followings.

Compulsory OFWM Training Course

  • A mandatory 90 days course is offered for all OFWM field staff. The course includes sociology, surveying, flow measurement, designing watercourse construction, precision land leveling, irrigation agronomy etc.
  • Six weeks mandatory training for promotion

Professional Training Courses

  • Drip/Sprinkler design
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Advanced Surveying and CAD
  • Advanced Computer Use for WM
  • Community Development for HEIS
  • Lift Irrigation System Design
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Environment Issues in WM
  • Resource Conservation Technologies
  • Crop cultivation under HEIS & Tunnels
  • Design, installation and management of Solar Systems for operating HEIS

Technical Training Courses

  • LASER Tractor Operation
  • LASER Equipment Maintenance
  • HEIS Operation & Maintenance 
  • Crop Cultivation under HEIS
  • Soil Moisture Measuring / Monitoring
  • Gender Participation in Irrigation Management
  • Tunnel Farming with HEIS

Refresher Courses

  • Watercourse Designing
  • Watercourse Construction
  • Surveying & Leveling
  • Flow Measurement
  • Social Mobilization
  • Administrative Procedure
  • Accounts and Finance
  • Basic Computer Operation

Moreover, extra courses on project to project basis are also organized, in addition to the courses listed above, to meet the unique capacity building requirements of the scheme or project.

Specialized Trainings

The applied trainings are highly specialized in nature, which are imparted through full time qualified and multi-disciplinary faculty in domains of Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Soil Science, Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology, Project Planning & Evaluation, Irrigation Agronomy, Environmental Safeguards and Agricultural Extension.

Furthermore, specialist faculty includes:  Design Engineer, Surveying and mapping, Flow measurement, Materials and construction, Lift irrigation, Pumps & tube wells, Quality control & testing, Monitoring & Evaluation, Safeguards specialists, LASER land leveling operation, maintenance and repair, Permanent raised beds, HEIS design installation and O&M, Solar energy water pumping systems. Accordingly, the Institute also maintains a database of over 100 visiting experts for specialized trainings.