During the last three decades, Water Management Training Institute (WMTI) has organized training courses ranging from three days to three months duration to a wide spectrum of participants. Even now WMTI is the only training facility in country to exclusively meet the training requirements of all stakeholders in the field of water management. About 52,500 personnel have been imparted training at the institute under three main categories:

  • Training has been imparted to 10,500 On Farm Water Management Personnel, which include Administrative and Supervisory officers, Field officers, Agricultural Officers, District Government staff, Office personnel, Tractor Operators, Field Assistants, etc
  • Training has been imparted to 3,300 personnel of  allied Departments & Provinces, which include Agriculture Extension Staff, Inter-provincial OFWM staff, N.G.Os personnel, University scholars, Research Institutions, Foreign delegates, Forestry and Veterinary Departments etc
  • Training has been imparted to 38,500 Members of Water Users Associations (WUAs), Kissan Board members, Kissan Tarbiati program, and Village Committee members