Registratio of Water Users' Associations

Effective involvement and participation of the shareholders acts as a catalyst for successful implementation of any development undertaking. The key of success of on farm water management (OFWM) program in Pakistan is farmers’ participation in execution of envisaged interventions by following a community driven implementation approach. The OFWM staff has adequate capability and capacity to carry out requisite social mobilization by successfully undertaking this function for past 40 years. They have organized about 48,000 water users' associations (WUAs) having membership of about 2,160,000 farm families in the province for improvement of watercourses. These WUAs have contributed in cash about PKR. 2.312 & PKR. 2.051 billion as skilled and unskilled labour for civil works, respectively. Moreover, they have also contributed about PKR. 5.454 billion as unskilled labour for earthen improvements and PKR. 2.73 billion for material costs.

Process for formation of Water Users Association


There would be one WUA for each canal watercourse to be improved under the OFWM projects that will be registered under “On Farm Water Management & Water Users Association Ordinance [Act]-1981 (Amended 2001)”:


The WUA will be the key institution for implementation of watercourse development activities with following responsibilities.

  • Provide right of way for constructing watercourse

  • Arrange skilled and unskilled labour required for reconstruction of earthen water channel, installation of structures and lining of critical reaches.

  • Procure construction materials for carrying out civil works, settle matters of disputes amongst the water users in respect of channel alignment, fixation of nuccas, distribution of work etc.

  • Make alternate arrangements for conveyance of water during execution of improvement works

  • Carry out civil works in accordance with standards and specifications under the supervision of OFWM field staff

  • Regularly undertake O&M of improved watercourses

In addition, WUAs would be encouraged to assume following functions:

  • Undertake construction / improvement of farmers’ branches and field ditches

  • Participate in the process of water allocations and distribution (warabandi) within the watercourse command

  • Install and carry out O&M of community tube wells

  • Develop surface/sub-surface on farm drainage facilities

  • Facilitate distribution of non-water inputs

  • Access funding from various government and non-government organizations to carry out development works in agriculture sector