Third Party Validation

Following are the two types of third party validation consultants under Punjab Irrigated-Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project:

Project Implementation Supervision Consultants

A consortium, led by M/S NESPAK, has been awarded Project Implementation Supervision Consultancy (PISCs) to provide implementation assistance and supervision in execution of the proposed project interventions. Their main responsibilities, inter alia, include design review/approval, construction supervision, quality assurance, technical assistance, and overall coordination of project execution. The tasks and activities include:

  • Preparing the designs standards and specifications for civil works for improvement of watercourses, installation of HEIS, LASER land leveling systems etc.

  • Review the bidding documents of other consultants and those of the supply & service companies and if required make necessary modifications. Support procurement process: pre-qualification exercises; advertising invitations to bid; evaluation of bids and make recommendations; as well as prepare all relevant documents for award of contracts

  • Maintain detailed financial accounts and other project records, and prepare other documentation as may be required by the Client and project financiers

  • Extend technical support to maintain a website containing information on facilities and services, applications, procedures, watercourses database etc. as well as issuance of a periodical about water management activities

  • Mobilize farming communities to share investment costs for development, improvement, and management of farm level irrigation infrastructure

  • Assist in procurement and financial, social and environmental management

  • Preparation of TOR for additional studies etc.

  • Liaise with provincial, divisional, and district project management for smooth execution of field activities;

  • Notify the Director General Agriculture (Water Management) of compliance/ non‑compliance of works with agreed criteria and standards

  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for proposed project activities besides other periodic reports as per requirements of project management

  • Carry out contract/works or goods acceptance and close of contract, issuance of completion certificates, and preparation of documents as required for acceptance of works/goods by the Client (Government of Punjab)

  • Check the completion of work, complete measurement, estimate the cost and payments, certify the payments, and quality of the work and prepare disbursements information for the government of the Punjab and the development partner the World Bank

  • Carry out ground verification of GIS database in the districts to improve validity/quality of watercourses command area GIS as well as its updating with revised information

  • Support in project management based on modern concepts, implementation all works, including social management/resettlement programs and environmental management program and monitoring and evaluation, and implementation of the communication strategy and plan, including support to Director General Agriculture (WM) Punjab for preparation of project implementation plans, expenditure planning, budgeting and financing forecast and work plans, as required by the government and financing agency(s) of the project as well as assistance in developing the procurement plans, contract management, and financial management. The experts required for the supervisory consultancy along with their estimated inputs are given below:

  • Team Leader
  • Senior Irrigation Engineer/Deputy Team Leader
  • Field Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Horticulturist
  • Soil Scientist
  • Irrigation Agronomist
  • Financial Management Specialist
  • GIS Specialist
  • Unallocated

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Consultants

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) consultancy services would be required for monitoring and evaluation of project impacts and to ensure achievement of Project Development Objective. The Consultants would develop a computer based state-of-the-art project monitoring and information system (PMIS) to monitor key performance indicators, produce useful reports, and track achievements according to plan. These indicators and reporting formats (including easy-to-read graphics) can be further expanded, refined, and organized (e.g. into input/process, output/outcome, or core/ancillary indicators) by the consultant as per requirement of Directorate General Agriculture (Water Management). In connection with preparation of PMIS, the Consultant would develop an integrated, user-friendly web-based software to manage project activities in accordance with the modern concept of project management and track key project indicators. The software shall be installed on a secure web-server as per Directorate General Agriculture's (Water Management) specification. This may be linked with GIS and possibly with the Google Earth maps.

In addition to regular monitoring, impact assessment studies shall be undertaken to evaluate the project performance and progress towards achieving the set objectives providing recommendations to the Directorate General Agriculture (Water Management) for improvements. As part of project evaluation, the consultant shall undertake overall project evaluation (based on key output and outcome indicators) of the monitored information. Project performance will be evaluated on the basis of selected outputs and outcome indicators. The M&E studies will evaluate the success in project implementation in terms of meeting the project’s objectives, and assess its physical, hydrological, environmental, social, and economic impacts. The consultants will provide continuous feedback of M&E activities to the PPC, PSC and the donor on project performances.

TORs of M&E Consultants

The M&E consultants scope of work would include the following tasks:                            

  • Provide technical assistance to Director General Agriculture (WM) Punjab for achievement of project development objective.

  • Develop the overall framework of monitoring and evaluation plan including collecting, analyzing, and reporting project data for continual effective tracking of project development objectives

  • Formulate a set of key performance indicators and means of assessment against these indicators for project activities to be implemented.

  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of project activities and their impacts

  • Propose recommendations about project modalities to ensure achievement of envisaged development objectives.

  • Contribute in development of Annual Work Plan, ensuring alignment with project strategy, agreement on annual targets and inclusion of M&E activities in the work plan

  • Oversee and execute M&E activities of water management practices and techniques with particular focus on results and impacts as well as in lesson learning

  • Any other duty assigned by the project management