Promotion of Gram Cultivation through Life Saving Irrigation with Sprinkler System under Changing Climate

Key Objective:

          The main objective of the project is to enhance gram cultivation under sprinkler irrigation system in Thal area and strengthen small farmers’ resilience to droughts under changing climate.


  1. Awareness creation and capacity building of gram/ pulses growers for successful cultivation of gram with sprinkler irrigation under changing climate.
  2. Installation of site specific sprinkler irrigation system on 1,680 acres for serving about 5,000 acres.

Gestation Period:

          36 months (2017-18 to 2019-20)

Financial Outlay (Rs. Million):            

ADP/Government of the Punjab             296.080

Farmers’ Contribution                               84.000

Total                                                        380.080                           


          Three districts of Thal i.e. Bhakkar, Khushab and Layyah. Mankera, Choubara and Noorpur Thal would be target tehsils in these districts for project activities during first year of the project, which may be further up-scaled subsequently to other potential districts of Thal i.e. Muzaffargarh, Jhang and Mianwali.