Pilot Testing of Innovative Technologies to Improve Water Use Efficiency


The government's vision for agriculture sector, alongwith other initiatives, encompasses water conservation and water productivity through enhancing water use efficiency by using soil moisture monitoring gadgets. The proposed project aims at evaluation of climate smart interventions and their demonstration for enhancing the water use efficiency at farm level vis-à-vis improving water productivity and crop yield. Enhancing water use efficiency will significantly contribute towards improving the water productivity and resultantly trigger the growth of rural economy.

Project Objectives

  • Enhance water use efficiency (WUE) of flood irrigation method by using soil moisture gadgets, Alternate Wetting and Drying (AWD) method and Direct Seeding Rice (DSR) technique
  • To calibrate and demonstrate the impact of soil moisture gadgets on improving water productivity as compared to conventional method of irrigation scheduling
  • To indigenize/ standardize the soil moisture monitoring gadgets under local environment
  • Capacity development of the professionals and farmers for enhancing WUE through different innovative techniques

Expected Outcomes

  • Saves water upto 35 percent
  • Increases yield  by 8 percent
  • Reduces energy use upto 35 percent
  • Improves produce qquality
  • Curtails nutrients cost